10 Reasons to Choose an EPDM Roof

//10 Reasons to Choose an EPDM Roof

10 Reasons to Choose an EPDM Roof

You have many choices when it comes to commercial roof installation in Ohio. One of the most popular and durable solutions for your facility is an EPDM or rubber roof. EPDM — which stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber — is used to make everything from flat roof systems to solar panels and pool liners. This single-ply system accounts for 35% of the commercial roofing market today with more than 1 billion square feet of EPDM roofing installed every year.


Not sure if EPDM rubber is the right solution for your facility? Here are the biggest reasons to choose an EPDM roofing membrane.

#1. Long Service Life

EPDM coatings deliver superior performance with a very long average service life of 20 to 30 years or even longer when properly installed and maintained. In fact, properly installed rubber roofs have even been known to last 50 years with many roofs installed in the 1970s still in use now. A long-lasting roof membrane means reduced replacement costs. It also helps your maintenance budget go further.

#2. Flexibility

EPDM rubber roofing is a flexible membrane that can withstand freezing temperatures and UV damage without cracking or deteriorating. It can even accommodate structural movement.

#3. Few Seams

EPDM rubber roofing is usually installed as a single piece with few if any seams. This means fewer places for water to intrude under the membrane to damage the facility.

#4. Easy and Affordable Repairs and Maintenance

When an EPDM roof does develop a leak, repairs tend to be affordable and easy. Maintaining an EPDM roof is also straightforward with minimal care needed.

#5. Recyclable

Rubber roofing is an extremely eco-friendly solution. The EPDM material requires less energy to manufacture than many roofing materials. It’s also 100% recyclable once it reaches the end of its service life.

#6. Fire Resistant

An EPDM membrane is very resistant to fire and almost impossible to set on fire, even when lightning strikes the roof. If your building does suffer fire damage, a rubber roof can help slow the fire until it can be controlled.

#7. Energy Efficient

EPDM roofing membranes in Ohio are very energy efficient as they reflect UV rays to keep the building cool. White EPDM roofing is recommended for the greatest energy efficiency in warm areas. In cooler areas, black EPDM helps insulate the building to trap heat in the winter and reduce energy costs.

#8. Lightweight

EPDM coatings are very lightweight, which should be an important consideration for your facility. The heavier the roofing system, the stronger the deck must be. With a BUR roof, for example, the roof deck may need bolstering with higher installation costs.

#9. Resists UV Damage

An EPDM rubber membrane offers superior resistance to UV damage and thermal shock which can cause deterioration in other roofing materials. After even 20 years of service use, an EPDM roof will not show signs of cracking or crazing due to UV exposure.

#10. Excellent for Ponding

While it’s always best to ensure a good drainage system with a flat roof, EPDM offers superior protection against moisture and ponding issues. Ponding areas can cause decay, algae growth, surface cracks, and premature curing of thermoplastic membranes, modified bitumen roofs, and BUR roofs but ponding will not affect an EPDM membrane.

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