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When you want a new roof that’s attractive yet cost-effective, asphalt roof shingles are a good choice. Asphalt roofs remain the most popular roofing material despite an ever-growing number of options.
While they are not as long-lasting or durable as premium materials like metal or tiles, asphalt still gives good protection at a fraction of the price.
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Asphalt Shingle roofs
Asphalt shingle roofs are popular due to their flexibility, fairly low cost, and affordable installation. When it's time to replace your roof, roofing asphalt is a great choice. We perform asphalt roofing installation in Ohio with a dedication to customer service and quality results.
Asphalt Roof Installation

Asphalt Roof

On average, you can expect a basic composition asphalt shingle roof to cost $6,700 to $9,000. This is the typical price for an average-sized roof. Choosing architectural asphalt shingles can increase this price by a few thousand. The cost of your roof will be charged per roofing square. This is a 10-foot by 10-foot area. The type of shingles you choose is a big factor in the cost of a new asphalt shingle roof, but your roof itself also plays a big role. If your roof has a pitch of 7:12 or higher, contractors cannot walk on the roof. Because harnesses and other equipment must be used, the cost of a new roof will be higher.
If cost is a concern, an overlay may be possible. This refers to adding a new layer of shingles on top of an existing shingle roof. A roof overlay has a lower cost than roof replacement because there is no tear-off involved. Reroofing can cost at
least $1,000 less than replacement or about 25% of the job. If you go this route, keep in mind an overlay will not last as long as a new roof. An overlay can also hide damage to the roof decking. We do not recommend reroofing if you have had leaks or suspect damage.
It will also be more difficult to install a second layer of shingles. This may compromise flashing. The additional weight on your roof may even be a problem, especially with heavy snow.
Is your existing roof showing its age? Even the best roofing system will fail eventually. Asphalt roofing is a good option if you want a budget-friendly and attractive roof that can last up to 20 years. You can count on our Ohio asphalt roofing contractors for quality, reliable installation at a competitive price. We will help you choose the right type of shingles for the protection you need. Not sure if your roof really needs to be replaced or if repairs will work for now? We will perform a thorough inspection and give you an honest assessment of your roof. Contact us to request an estimate for a new asphalt roof.

Asphalt Roof

Even the best shingle roof will need occasional repairs. Having your roof repaired promptly can minimize the cost and extend the life of your roof.
Our Ohio roofing contractors will help you determine if your roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. In general, small leaks or problems isolated to a small area can be repaired. If the problem is caused by aging shingles, replacement will be necessary.
The most common problem we encounter is damaged shingles. If only a handful of shingles appear damaged, replacing them is a cost-effective solution. Replacing damaged shingles can also stop or prevent leaks and water damage. If shingles appear mildly damaged or curling, repairs are possible with a special asphalt roofing cement. We also encounter frequent flashing damage. This is a serious problem because it allows water to get under the shingles and into your home. Damaged flashing may require replacing the plywood and nearby shingles along with the flashing.
If you have holes, cracks, or warped shingles, asphalt shingle roof sealant may be a cost-effective solution. A sealer can penetrate the roof and form a protective barrier to stop minor leaks, cracks, curling, and granule loss. Asphalt roof coating is recommended to extend the life of your roof and address small issues like nail holes.
Asphalt Roof Repairs
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Asphalt Roof

An asphalt roof is considered fairly low maintenance. While your roof won’t need too much care, skipping regular inspections and maintenance can end up costing you.
Deferred roof maintenance can lead to expensive but avoidable repairs and premature roof failure. We perform all types of roof maintenance services, including seasonal inspections. Having your roof inspected at least once a year can spot problems that
need to be addressed before they become serious.
Want your asphalt shingle roof to last as long as possible?
We recommend the following:
Look for damaged or missing shingles.
Over time, debris, wind, and sun cause damage to asphalt shingles. If you have a few missing shingles, we can replace them to maintain the integrity of your roof. Sometimes missing shingles are a big problem, though, if they are in the valleys.
Clear debris from the roof.
Moss and debris like leaves on your roof absorb water and may cause damage. The roof is designed to move water away from the home. Too much debris on the roof can make this harder.
Trim trees.
Make sure there are no tree branches near or hanging over your roof. All it takes is one storm to send heavy branches onto your roof.
Asphalt Roof Maintenance
Inspect the flashing.
Check the flashing around your windows, vents, and chimney for holes, damage, or corrosion. Damaged flashing is a common cause of expensive roof leaks.
Check the gutters & downspouts.
Make sure your gutters are kept clear. Clogged gutters allow water to intrude under the shingles and cause rot, leaks, and other problems.
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Choosing the right material for your new roof can be a bit overwhelming. We are here to answer any questions you may have about replacing or repairing your roof. Here are the most common questions we hear from customers about asphalt shingle roof installation.
What is an asphalt shingle roof?
Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material in the U.S. Between 5% and 35% of the shingle is made of asphalt. These shingles may be made from fiberglass or organic materials. Organic shingles are made from waste paper that is saturated in asphalt to make it waterproof. The shingles are then coated with adhesive and granules. Fiberglass shingles have less asphalt. They are made from a mat enforced with fiberglass. The shingles are bonded with resin and coated with asphalt and granules.
Organic shingles are more durable than fiberglass, but fiberglass shingles offer greater fire protection. Fiberglass is more eco-friendly because it contains far less asphalt content. Fiberglass asphalt shingles are now replacing organic shingles, but both are still available.
How many years does an asphalt roof last?
Three factors determine the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof:
  • The type of shingles you choose
  • The quality of the installation
  • How well the roof is maintained
On average, asphalt shingle roofs last for 12 to 17 years. Regular 3-tab shingles have the shortest lifespan.
What are the benefits of asphalt shingles?
Asphalt shingles are popular for two main reasons: easy installation and affordable upfront cost. The relatively low upfront cost is the greatest benefit of asphalt roofing systems. In the short term, no roofing option is more affordable. With a moderate upfront cost, you will have a new roof that lasts an average of 12-17 years.
Many homeowners choose asphalt roof shingles because they are easy to install. This also reduces the upfront cost of your new roof. Just remember that proper installation is vital for good results that last. Be careful to choose experienced roofing contractors in Ohio to install your new roof.
Asphalt roof shingles also come in many styles and colors to customize your roof. The three profiles of asphalt shingles are 3-tab, which is the most affordable; architectural or dimensional; and premium. 3-tab shingles are entry-level shingles that can withstand up to 70mph wind uplift. Architectural shingles last longer and withstand up to 130mph wind uplift. These shingles cost about twice as much. Premium shingles have a unique and high-end look.
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