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Here in Ohio, sometimes our roofs leak, crack, or simply need to be replaced. When you don’t have time to make an appointment and life happens, we provide an emergency roof repair service.
Sometimes we can’t plan for everything and our team knows that! If something happens and there just wasn’t enough notice, our emergency roof repair team will be on their way. For more information, give us a call today!
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Emergency roof repairs can be scary, our team is here to make your process easy and enjoyable. We offer quick and affordable services, simply give us a call to get started.
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Leak Repair

Emergency Roof Repair
Allowing a leak to go on simply because you can cover the floor or because “it isn’t that bad” is a big mistake. A leaking roof is an emergency and here is why:
  • Rain doesn’t just come straight down into your home through that one leaky area. Heavy rain can cause foundation issues especially if it begins to leak in between shingles.
  • Leaks don’t just start because it rained for a long time. Roof emergencies actually begin before the rain shows you where the water is coming through. When the sun is strong certain areas on your roof can dry up and create weak spots that become leakage spots.
  • The water may be coming in at a completely different spot than where you thought. Water can easily travel from room to room when left to its own devices. A professional emergency repair is very important.
  • Maintaining your roof and repairing a leak quickly is much more affordable than completely replacing your roof.

Damaged Shingles

Emergency Roof Repair
Sometimes the repair is easy, but it is still an emergency.
Repairing any shingle damage could not be more important because your roof keeps you, your family, and your belongings safe. Any signs that your shingles are giving you should be taken seriously and have an emergency roof repair to avoid any expensive and irreversible damage. Some of the most common repairs for damaged shingles include:
  • Replacement
  • Gluing curled shingles
  • Repair cracked shingles
All in all, shingle repairs are an emergency that should never be put off. Do not allow a repairable issue to grow and become worse.
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Emergency Roof Repair
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Metal Roofing

Emergency Repair
Over time it is not uncommon to have a leaky roof, with constant sun exposure and climate changes. One great thing about metal roofs is that leakages occur decades after installation and can be easily taken care if found quickly.

Some of the most common metal roof issues include:

  • Open seams
  • Oxidation
  • Improper installation
  • Panel damage
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Emergency Repair

Residential & Commercial Roof Repair
Occasionally, your home will need a repair and that is simply going to happen, even with the best roofing material. Age and exposure can shorten the span between a repair and installation but even the best professionally installed roofs will all need a repair at one point or another. We can repair:
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal Roofs
  • Rubber Roofs
  • Slate
  • Clay and concrete tiles
Exposure can certainly weaken your roof but leaving it without repair will completely destroy the structure. Common weather like:
  • Heavy hail
  • Long-lasting rain
  • High temperatures and sun exposure
  • Strong winds
These simple yet common weather changes can have extreme and lasting impacts on the health of your roofing system. Don’t leave your roof up to chance, call the professionals.
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Common commercial roofing materials that may need emergency roof repair include:
  • Build-up
  • Single-Ply
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • Liquid-applied systems
  • Metal sloped roofs
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