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Flat roofs can develop all types of issues like uplift, leaks, tears, ponding water, and cracks. No matter what type of issues you are experiencing with your commercial roof, you can count on our flat roof contractors for honest, reliable flat roof repair and roof recovery services. After a thorough roof inspection, we’ll give you an overview of your options, explain which we think will offer the best value for your money, and get to work restoring your roof’s integrity.
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Roofer Ohio specializes in flat roof repair in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati. We offer reliable and affordable flat roof repair services to restore your roof's integrity and safety
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Common Flat Roof

Problems We Fix
Flat roofs in Ohio can develop all types of issues. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the problem — it will only get worse and more expensive to repair. You may even push your roof beyond the point of recovery and force yourself to replace a roof that could otherwise have been fixed.
  • EPDM tears which allow water under the protective membrane
  • Lifting membrane which waves or flaps in the wind
  • Roof leaks with any type of flat roof system
  • TPO roof cracking which usually happens once the roof is 15 years old
  • Ponding water, one of the most common flat roof problems
  • Loose fasteners that appear like bumps on the roof membrane
  • Separated or damaged flashing which allows water to penetrate the seams

Flat Roof Repairs

or Replacement
We’ll help you decide which option is best
You don’t want to replace a roof system that potentially has years of life remaining with a bit of work but you also don’t want to waste money on flat roof repairs that won’t fix the problem and may allow the roof’s condition to worsen.
At Roofer Ohio, our experienced flat roof contractors will inspect your roof and give you an honest assessment. We’ll recommend roof repairs and/or roof recovery if they will offer a good value and truly extend the life of your roof. Otherwise, we’ll let you know when roof replacement is a better investment.
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Liquid Applied

Roof Coatings
After repairing issues like tears and loose fasteners, an effective form of flat roof repair involves fluid-applied roofing. Liquid roof coatings offer long-term protection against leaks, sealing not only holes and tears but extending the life of an aging roof system. Liquid applied roofing works by creating a rubber-like, waterproof membrane over your roof system. Most types of flat roofs can be repaired and restored with fluid-applied roofing, including EPDM or rubber roofs.
Once it cures, a fluid applied roofing system creates a seamless and waterproof new roof that can restore your roof system with less disruption and less cost than replacing the roof. The coating can last years and be reapplied as necessary.
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Flat Roof

Even if your flat roof system is leaking, it may not need to be replaced. Roof restoration or recovery is a cost-effective solution that involves resurfacing your flat roof after flat roof repairs are performed. Even aging, leaking roof systems can be recovered to extend the roof’s life by years. Commercial roof restoration can potentially add up to 15 more years to your roof.
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Get answers to your questions about flat roof repairsFrequently Asked Questions
Do you have questions about repairing your flat roof system? Not sure if your flat roof needs to be repaired or replaced? Get answers to some common questions here and give us a call if you have any additional questions or concerns!
How do I know if my business needs a new roof?
Flat roofs don’t last as long as sloped roofs as they’re prone to issues like leaks and ponding water. There are several signs that your facility needs a new roof:
  • You have large tears or rips that aren’t easy to fix
  • Your roof has extensive ponding
  • Your roof has many pinhole leaks
  • The roof is buckling
The good news is your roof may be a good candidate for restoration rather replacement. Roof restoration involves performing flat roof repairs before resurfacing the entire roof system to extend the life and performance of the roof.
What roofing services do you offer?
Roofer Ohio offers residential and commercial roof repairs and installation. We install and repair all types of flat roof systems including EPDM, PVC, TPO, BUR roofs, modified bitumen, and metal roofs.
How long does a flat roof last?
How long a flat roof lasts depends on the type of roof system you have installed, how well it’s installed, and how well it’s maintained. Some roof systems will only last 10 to 15 years while others can last up to 50 years. EPDM or rubber roofing can last 40 years or longer with good maintenance. TPO roofs can last even longer.
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