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No. 456987325 We serve commercial and residential customers in Ohio with a variety of roofing services.
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Residential Roofing in

IBlue Ash, OH

By night, Blue Ash is a quiet suburb of just 12,000 but you wouldn’t know it during
the day when its population swells to more than 55,000 thanks to its bustling economy. Despite the busy day life, Blue Ash is comprised of more than a dozen quiet neighborhoods like Kenwood, Hazlewood, Ravenwood, and Tangleridge.
We serve homeowners in Blue Ash with affordable residential roofing services. We install and repair asphalt shingles and residential metal roofing.
Asphalt shingles account for most roofs in Ohio thanks to their relatively low cost, a lifespan of up to 10 to 25 years, and wide range of styles and colors. Metal roofing is more expensive upfront but it can easily last 50 years or longer for lifelong protection. Metal roofs are growing in popularity in Southwest Ohio thanks to their growing style options and greater awareness among homeowners.

Commercial Roofing in

IBlue Ash, OH

Blue Ash is home to a thriving and diverse economy known for its startups and tech
companies. Blue Ash leads the nation in math and computer jobs and serves as the headquarters for IT consulting firms, IT solutions, cloud-based services, and more. Blue Ash also has a range of companies in the medical research, healthcare, and healthcare IT industries such as Advanced Testing Laboratories, the Cincinnati Eye Institute, CTI Clinical Trials and Consulting, Actavis, and more. The Greater Cincinnati area is also the headquarters for several Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble, Kroger, Fifth Third Bancorp, Cinergy, and Omnicare.
We serve Blue Ash businesses of all sizes and industries with a range of reliable commercial roofing services. Our licensed commercial roofing contractors will assess the condition of your facility’s roof and your unique needs to recommend the best approach, whether it is roof repairs, recovery, or roof replacement. We will also recommend the best roof system for your facility for long-term protection and a low lifecycle cost.

Our Roofing Services


We serve commercial and residential customers in Ohio with a variety of roofing services.
Flat Roofing Repair
Is your flat roof leaking? Do you have issues with ponding water or tears? Our commercial roof repair experts in Blue Ash offer cost-effective and reliable repair solutions such as patching and fluid applied roofing to restore your roof’s integrity.
Asphalt Shingle Roofs
Many commercial buildings in Blue Ash feature asphalt shingle roofs which are used because they are fairly long-lasting, affordable, and attractive. We install and maintain commercial shingle roofs to protect your business against leaks and damage.
PVC Roofing
This single ply roofing material is a popular choice because it doesn’t absorb oil. This makes it common for hotels and restaurants. PVC roofs are made from a flexible single ply thermoplastic material that is highly fire resistant.
Metal Roofing
A metal roof is the best choice if you want a roof that will last a lifetime and offer the best protection against hail, wind, rain, and sun damage. Metal is one of the most expensive options but it requires the least amount of care and it can last a lifetime. It’s also energy efficient to reduce your facility’s utility costs. Metal roofs are also lightweight enough to be installed over existing roofs.
Fluid Applied Roofing
Fluid applied roofing systems are an excellent way to restore an aging roof or extend the life of a brand new roof. Commercial roof coatings can weatherproof your damaged roof system at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement to fully repair holes, tears, and other damage. Once the coating has cured, it forms a rubber-like membrane that remains flexible to maintain your roof’s integrity
TPO Roofing
Today, TPO roofing accounts for 40% of commercial roofing in Ohio as it combines the benefits of PVC and EPDM at a lower cost. TPO single ply roofs are made from a single layer of ethylene, propylene, and rubber reinforced with fiberglass for excellent resistance to tears, puncture, and impact damage. TPO also resists damage from chemical and UV exposure.
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EPDM Roofing
EPDM roofing is an excellent choice if you are concerned with longevity. Rubber roofing can last 40 years or longer while delivering great protection against wind, water, UV exposure, and abrasion — all with a low lifecycle cost. While it costs more than PVC or TPO, EPDM is easier and more affordable to repair.
BUR Roofing
Built-up roofs aren’t as popular as they once were thanks to the rise of single ply roofing but a BUR roof can still be a good choice for some facilities. BUR roofs are installed with layers of hot tar and fabric reinforced with fiberglass to create a very strong, waterproof, and UV-resistant roof system.