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Facility Buildings need roofs that are quickly, safely, and efficiently installed. There is no other company more equipped to handle your roofing issues than Roofing Dayton Ohio.
Our team offers many different choices, some seasonal and some not, that will ensure your building is safe for workers, visitors, and customers alike. Your roof contributes to different parts of your daily day to day and until something goes wrong, most of us don’t even notice! We are here to help when you do!
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Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

All you need to know
Metal roofs aren’t a new addition for homes and businesses, however, the popularity in metal roofs is. Metal roofs, like standing seam metal roofs, have become increasingly popular among home and business owners because of its contemporary appeal and the fact that the roofs are highly durable.
Why are they called standing seam roofs? It comes from the way the roofs are installed, our team will install the roof panel that will run from the ridge down to the edge of the roof and it will then connect to another panel that makes it appear to be standing. We offer different colors and design options that will compliment your home’s infrastructure.
Some notable advantages of these standing roofs, when installed by our professional team, is their ability to cool your home even during the hottest of months. Another very important factor is that the roof reinforces itself and maintains a strong structure throughout its long lifespan.

Single- Ply Roof

The Roof System That Lasts
Don’t wait to install a roof for your home or business that will last a lifetime.
The three main types of single-ply roof include TPO, PVC, and EPDM:
These roofs have been manufactured to withstand varying weather, superior performance, and to be an environmentally sound option for roofing. Abrasions, wear and tear, and changing temperatures do not and will not harm your roofs. TPO membrane systems offer a rubber component that makes them extremely specialized and luckily for you, our team knows just how these roofs need to be installed.
PVC roofing a great option for large commercial buildings that have concerns about chemicals in the buildings or the air surrounding the building. Roofs are constantly being exposed to adverse weather and temperatures, but PVC’s are highly resistant to damage, but just in case, this is the roofing you want because it is quickly and easily repaired. We will ensure that your roof offers long-term benefits, like puncture resistance and excellent waterproofing.
Architects have loved EPDM because of its high-performance and incredible energy-efficiency characteristics. Even throughout some of the most brutal weather exposures, our team has seen EPDM roofs resist damage. With resistance to deterioration, there isn’t anything our roofs can’t do!
EPDM Roofing
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More Roofs

Dayton, Ohio
With a true understanding of the importance of a solid, functional, and affordable roof, Roofer Ohio is here to make the experience easy for you. Having a roof that you believe in removes a lot of stress from the day to day tasks and knowing your roof will not break down or leak whenever the weather changes are extremely important. Our team members are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Go check out our home page to learn more about our services.
Here are more of our roofing offers!
Built-up Roof
The average lifespan for our built-up roofs ranges from 30 to 40-years with proper installation. Along with their waterproofing qualities, built-up roofs are known for their ultra-violet protection. These roofs are known for their low maintenance, meaning, their overall cost is very low.
Modified Bitumen Roof
With this modern take on built-up roofing, modified bitumen roofing is made of asphalt and is made to be highly resistant to tear. With its notable energy-efficiency and high flexibility, it is no wonder the rise in popularity does not seem to be coming to a halt anytime soon.
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Granular Cap Sheet Roof
Roofing membranes all come with their set of benefits and drawbacks; however, the granulated roof membrane is incredible. The roofing system is considered low in cost and comes in a varying weight. If you like silence, even when it rains, the granular cap sheet roof is the one you want.
Concrete Roofing
Concrete roofing offers home and business owners’ various advantages, especially when it is installed by Roofers Ohio, because of our experience with a wide variety of materials. We install your concrete roofs to be strong so elements like rainstorms, wind storms and more do not have negative effects on your property.
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