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Sometimes issues arise with your home or business that need to be taken care of quickly. Having a roof that is in need of a roof repair can be a little daunting for some and a great chance for a DIY for others; however, when it comes to your roof, either a commercial roof or residential roof, don’t bargain.
It is extremely important and highly advised to call and/or hire a professional to install your roofing repair needs. When expensive and important items are in your home or in your building, you want a roof that is stable, secure, and that will last.
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Signs Your Roof Needs A Repair

Roofing Repair
When the signs come from above, your roof that is, and it no longer looks, feels, or sit right, call us. Your roof will begin to show signs of wear that can mean a repair is in your future. One of the biggest mistakes people seem to make is waiting and hoping that issue resolves itself but when your home and your belongings are at risk, that is not a chance you should be willing to take.
Signs your roof may need a repair:
  • Shingles may appear cracked or even be missing… sometimes this can be easily repaired without having to replace the entire roof, but it is crucial to call professionals immediately.
  • Moisture that begins to be trapped within shingles can create a very wet and possibly leaky roof.
  • Wear and tear around the roof can begin to deteriorate the overall integrity of your roof, meaning, if damages are left untreated it can spread creating more expensive and extensive needs.
  • Blistering or peeling paint on the roof can be an increase in moisture or be an indicator of other problems that may arise if left alone for too long.

Why should you

Call a professional
Roof repairs are not for everyone. Do not do a DIY project with your roof.
Roof repairs are and should be conducted by professionals with proper training and experience. This is not a knockdown on anyone’s ability to properly care for their home but there are many more steps in the process of roof repair than initially meet the eye.
Roof repairs are a very common way to injure yourself unnecessarily. So, why should you call a professional when you’re in need of a roof repair?
Without the proper tools and knowing how to get them up to the roof your DIY project can be quite a waste of time. If the damage is subtle and the roof repair is simple it may not always be as easy to spot, therefore, the tools needed to mend the issue may not be acquired on time, before the issue becomes noticeable
Using the wrong roofing materials can add to a problem you didn’t originally have. Hiring a professional can curb the margin of error and ensure that your roof repair is done properly and promptly. If you use the wrong materials a simple leak can turn into interior damage and an entirely new roof.
Using the wrong roofing sealant is a common problem among DIY projects.
Serious injuries are common when inexperienced individuals climb onto a roof. According to the Bureau of Labor and statistics, hundreds of accidents happen and ever death, from homeowners attempting to repair their own roofs.
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Causes and signs

of Commercial Roof repairs
Commercial roofs can easily be forgotten about unless the owner is experienced with roof repairs and maintenance. Some major signs that your commercial building is in need of a roof repair are.
  • Missing shingles, this is a much easier issue to spot for professionals and just as easy for building owners when their ceilings begin to stain. Water finds an opening into your building when it is missing a shingle.
  • Stains coming through the ceiling are big indicators that your roof needs a repair ASAP.
  • Any signs of mold include sight or smell and can cause serious health problems if your roof is not repaired quickly.
  • The most obvious sign of them all is an actual puddle within your commercial building
Why do you need a roof repair?
  • The top of most commercial buildings is flat, meaning if the drainage system for that building is not working properly your roof will need a repair soon. If water is left to sit on a roof and soft spots are created, it can become dangerous for anyone on the roof or in the building.
  • The damaged membrane on a commercial roof can lead to a need for a roof repair as well.
  • This is an issue that must be caught quickly, or an entire replacement will be needed.
  • Aged roofing can simply mean a repair is needed more often.
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Roof Repair

EPDM is just one type of single-ply roofing system you can choose for your flat roof. Our roof replacement contractors may also recommend PVC or TPO roofing which look like white rubber roofs and can be attached in several ways. These single-ply systems can be installed over your existing flat roof to reduce installation costs and they offer excellent durability and resistance.
Repairing your roof has many different benefits for you and your home or business. Some of the most obvious are damage repair and money saving. But it is much more than just a repair when you choose to have a professional roofing contractor repair your roof you are choosing to protect and elongate the lifespan of your roof.
Signs Your Roof Needs A Repair
Benefits of roof repairs include:
  • Protection, meaning, changing weather and severe elements cannot harm you, your loved ones, or your belongings when the roof is strong and stable.
  • Save money and time! Preventive measures and quick repairs can be a thousand-dollar difference in your roofing bill. Repairing your roof when issues arise saves you and your family or business incredible amounts of money.
  • Add value to your home
  • With a properly maintained and repaired roof, your energy bills are much lower.
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