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Having your roof replaced can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience. When a new roof is being installed in your home or business, it is important to remember that it is necessary and it is worth it. Keeping yourself, your loved ones, and all of your belongings safe inside is as important as the overall structure themselves.
We offer different materials to choose from when choosing roof replacement and with different materials also come different styles. Choose something new or the material and style you had before!
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Choosing or needing a roof replacement is challenging but we are dedicated to making the process as quick and as painless as possible. You are in good hands with us, for more information, call us now!
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Signs For

Roof Replacement
There are warning signs your roof will give off when the end has come, and roof replacement is your only option. Be sure to be entuned with signs like that because they can save you quite a bit of money. This is why DIY projects are a poorly thought out decision, your roof could need a repair, or it could need a replacement, and misjudging either one can be an expensive mistake, so call the professionals.
Some of the signs that your roof needs replacement includes:
  • Your roof’s age. This is one that can be difficult for homeowners who have had the same roof for years. When the roof was installed and the amount of maintenance that it has undergone can all change how the roof will be handled
  • Shingles are great sign givers! They can fall off, curl, or begin to hold in too much moisture. Any of these signs can mean your roofs life has come to its end.
  • Roof valleys can lead to leakages. When shingles go missing, they leave your roof exposed to the possibility of leaking.
  • If you can see the sign through your roof the wait is over, and it is time for a new roof.

Roofing Materials

For roof replacement
What are the best materials to replace your roof with?
There are different materials that are not better or worse than others, they all simply offer homeowners different advantages. Roofing materials should be largely chosen on the climate, your budget, and the structural layout of the home or business itself.
Some of the best materials and their benefits for roof replacement include:
  • Asphalt shingles because they are the most common and most popular among homeowners. They offer a wide variety of textures and designs that appeal to many people.
  • Clay and concrete tile roofing offer owners a large variety of designs for low prices. Tile is less expensive than slate.
  • Metal roofing is the lightweight and fire-resistant roofing material that has become increasingly popular within the last decade. They are resistant to mold and water.
  • Built-up roofing provides low slope roofs with great materials. This material and design are very adaptive and highly flexible.
  • Single ply roof membranes include PVC and TPO: EPDM and CSPE roofing. These roofing materials are highly flexible and resistant to ultraviolet.
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Benefits of

Roof Replacement
Replacing your homes roof can be a scary process because it can have such a large impact on your home or business. Sometimes, roof replacement is completely necessary, and it is important to know and remember why you’re undergoing the process in the first place.
Some of the benefits of roof replacement include:
  • Property value after a new roof installation automatically rises
  • Return investments after a new roof can range dramatically
  • Curb appeal is much higher, as high as 40%
  • Energy efficiency with a new roof is a popular benefit
  • New roofs prevent any mold, mildew, or bacteria that could cause serious health concerns
  • Replacing a damaged or old roof improves the safety of your home
  • A newly installed roof just looks great
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Why should the

Professionals Replace the Roof
The list of reasons why home and/business owners should not perform their own roof replacements is quite extensive. Professionals are licensed and highly equipped to handle any roof situation that could arise that, otherwise, had not been foreseen. Attempting to save money by DIY can end up costing you twice or three times as much than you would have spent if you would have simply called the professionals first.
Benefits of working with the pros:
  • Warranty is a big one! Unless a professional company installs your new roof many warranties will be void. So, if an amateur mistake is made you’re going to be stuck with fixing that as well.
  • Paying for a higher quality roof replacement is worth it
  • Your belongings, yourself, and your friends/family will be much safer under a roof that professionals installed.
  • Accidents are far too common when inexperienced individuals attempt a roof replacement
  • When the professionals do it the process is not only quicker but much more efficient
  • They have the tools and the training needed to ensure 100% satisfaction.
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