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Facility owners have more options than ever when it’s time to upgrade to a new commercial roofing. This can be a good thing and a bad thing.
You have many choices to find the right Cincinnati roofing solution for your needs and budget but which type of roof delivers the best value and performance? As one of the leading commercial roofing companies in Cincinnati, we can help you assess your roof’s condition and choose the most appropriate replacement.
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Need a New Commercial Roof?
Cincinnati Roofing Experts
Our roofing contractors in Cincinnati have decades of combined experience repairing and installing all types of commercial systems from EPDM and TPO to metal roofing.
Commercial Roofing

How to Pick

the Right Commercial Roof
With so many options, how do you choose the right type of roofing in Cincinnati, Ohio for your facility? Our Cincinnati roofing pros will help you consider many factors to select the best roof. Durability is likely one of your greatest concerns. You want a roof system that is able to withstand not only years of abuse from weather conditions but also specific challenges your facility may pose such as frequent traffic on the roof or issues with ponding in the past.
Energy efficiency should also be a big concern to reduce your facility’s reliance on the HVAC system and reduce energy expenses. The right roof can reflect up to 85% of UV rays to keep your entire building cooler in the summer. Two popular and cost-effective options for lowering energy costs are reflective white roof coatings and white TPO membrane roofs.
We make it our goal to be the best roofing contractors in Cincinnati.
Our experts will help you assess these concerns and more, including your budget, your building’s use and unique needs, renewability, and the size of your roof to deliver a commercial roof that exceeds your expectations in terms of cost, performance, and longevity.


Against the Elements
Commercial roofing needs to withstand the elements to protect your facility. Learn more about performance ratings for Cincinnati roofing.
How well your roof performs against the elements like rain, hail, high wind, and other perils determines how long it will last, how often it will need to be repaired, and how well it protects your business. You will need to balance this performance against cost and other concerns.
An EPDM or rubber roof is capable of withstanding even extreme conditions and it’s often the first choice for facility managers who want to stop water issues. Still, it can be susceptible to UV damage over time. TPO membranes are flexible and allow movement while better resisting damage from UV rays.
PVC offers better chemical resistance than TPO but TPO is more resistant to weathering. Metal commercial roofing offers the best performance against the elements but it comes with the highest initial cost. Our roof contractors in Cincinnati, OH know local weather conditions and can help you select Cincinnati roofing that offers excellent performance in the area.
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Types of Commercial

Roofing in Cincinnati
Our Cincinnati roofing pros have decades of combined experience working with all major commercial roofing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Our commercial roofing contractors install EPDM, PVC, and TPO single ply membrane systems, commercial metal roofs, and roof coatings with commercial roofing services that are competitively priced and reliable. We specialize in commercial roofing and take pride in helping facility managers compare their options and choose a new system that’s within their budget yet delivers the long-term performance they need. You have many options when it’s time to replace your roof. Each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks so it’s important to consider factors such as installation cost, ease of repairs, performance, durability, and longevity.
Here are the most common systems our roofing contractors install.
We recommend the following:
Rubber Roofs
An EPDM roof is a popular choice for Cincinnati roofing because it has a very long life, it’s affordable, and it’s easy to install. Rubber roofing has a proven track record and can last for 30 years or even longer with excellent performance. This material also makes roof repair in Cincinnati easier and more affordable down the road.
TPO Roofs
TPO has quickly become a top choice for local roofing companies because it offers many of the same benefits of PVC and rubber roofing but at a lower cost. TPO single-ply roofing is installed with hot-welded seams for greater protection against leaks. It also performs well against impact, punctures, and UV exposure. On average, TPO lasts for 10 to 20 years with regular maintenance.
Metal Roofing
PVC Roofs
A PVC roof won’t last as long as EPDM but it typically lasts longer than TPO. PVC is a type of single-ply roofing that’s popular for its excellent UV resistance. A PVC roof is a great choice if you’re concerned about energy costs and want to reduce your facility’s utility bills. A white PVC roof helps reflect the sun’s rays to cool your facility in the summer. With care, PVC roofing can last around 25 years.
Metal Roofs
A metal roof is the ultimate choice for roofing in Cincinnati, Ohio if you’re concerned about long-term costs and maintenance.Metal roofing has the highest upfront cost but the lowest maintenance needs and it can last 50 years or longer for the lowest possible lifecycle cost. Metal roofing is also easy to repair later and it’s a great candidate for fluid applied roofing to extend its life
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